Thursday, 26 March 2009

weather a real killer

Well ive been ob the river a few times since my last post and to tell the truth it has been rained of for me,as i am not one for the cold chilled rain that comes along with the stiff wind in march in Scotland.
i however have been watching the river and have been noticing that their are more cormorants than their were this time last year, so what can be done about them as they must be causing havoc with the young Parr etc!! .
the river has its usual pea green tinge and at the moment their is very few days that the trout seem to be right on the feed so its really a game of ,watching the weather looking at the local forecast and taking the chance ,as you just never know at this time of year ,as it could be another cold drab day ,or a day when everything seems alive and the trout are boiling at the surface ready to be presented with a well proportioned fly and if your lucky an obliging fish.
well really that's all i can add at the moment ,no sign of any fresh run spring fish of yet on the river and not even any Kelt's have been caught which is quite unusual as i usually hear of one or two so i wonder whats going on..

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