Monday, 23 March 2009

4 fish on the klinkhammer

I had a great day on the river today ,and had 4 fish all of around the half pound mark and all on the dry fly ,which makes it all the more special for me as i love taking fish on the dry fly ,theirs nothing that quite stands up to it if you ask me.
i arrived around 12 o'clock and no i didn't make it to the science park as i went for a hair cut and decided to try the lower river which I'm glad i did, as i got to the river i armed myself up with the usual for me at this time of year ,the good old gold head nymph and spider duo.
i then started to notice that their were fly's coming of the water and they were dark in colour so thought i would get the box back out and change tactics,which i did by tying on a size 14 dark dun klinkhammer which within 3 casts i was into my first fish and within another hour i had another 3 as well so a great day indeed it was, the first from the sea pool at Yorkhill and the others just above the bride at the art gallery's .
i had a great day and intend getting myself back on the water tomorrow ,but i will be going to the science park as i feel i may have missed something special up their today and i may have just lost out on one or 2 good fish too, which is bothering me so i hope the weather is much the same and i can get a good day up the science park also ,it would be great to see any of you guys up their so sorry i did not make it today but if you are their tomorrow ill see you OK.

pic added later of one of the fish..

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