Thursday, 2 October 2008

October rain

well more good rain again last night which should have brought the river back to a good level ,so i think ill give the old spinning a go again today when high tide is due in which i think is around 3-4 o'clock so as to give myself the best chance of a fish or two even which would just end my season on a high and would keep the spark lit until the new season of trout and salmon on march 15 next year ,ahh those winter nights ,well loads hate them and i do to at times but what i do like is the time it gives me trying out new patterns and perfecting older ones I've already learned to tie ,so it not all doom and gloom is it ,well not for me anyway and if you are a trout man then i would advise getting yourself a vice just a cheap one to start off with to see if you find an interest in it and when like me your hooked then go onto buying a more expensive type vice which will last you years ,so don't sit around all winter wondering what to do get your self tying its a great pass time and if you have kids they will love it too as mine do..more later after fishing

milngavie fly tying club.