Saturday, 17 May 2008

Urban revival

The River Kelvin at the vet school.

I have been fishing the river kelvin for just over a season now and i am constantly showed just how lucky i am to have such a great river so easily assessable for myself and others who live in my home town of Glasgow which has many other fantastic rivers in which good trout fishing can be had .
the river kelvin is a river on the return with a good head of trout and with an annual run of salmon which is increasing every year which in time Ive no doubt will bring the price of the permit up which is not a problem as far as I'm concerned with this brings concern as the kelvin i feel it needs real management to make sure of its constant revival and that's no disrespect for the current management but by appointing bailiff's with real powers and signs to show the river is a permit only river as with the current position people are getting away with saying i didn't know you had to pay a permit as their is nothing to inform you of that at the moment however the price of an seasons permit which is 15 pound a year for me that is just fantastic and in fact if the river was being run better i would be glad to pay double that for the security of bailiff's ect!.

i will be giving a run down of any fishing trips i make to kelvin in future and pictures of fish i catch if i have my camera with me that is, so until then bye for now and go fish people