Friday, 25 July 2008

More bad news folks

just a short wee note that is going to be quite disturbing for the people who fish the upper Clyde as its now going to be the holder of Europe's biggest wind farm ,meaning large scale construction and damage to surrounding environment which is bad news for the area, will need to read up on it properly before i can give anymore details folks so here's hoping I'm totally wrong but i don't think so....


I would like to invite people to my new forum on the river kelvin which i hope with the amount of members with a yearly permit we can get a forum up and running just for our use and only on issues about the kelvin so here is the link.


i have recently heard of a new large Tesco being built at the very lower reaches of the river kelvin which will no doubt have an effect on the annual salmon run with all the heavy machinery ,drilling and not to forget the sport of easily accessible tipping into the river by workers etc! this is a really worrying finding as the river as my site is called is on the return and anything that seems to threaten that is going to start alarm bells in my head so i will be like some others keeping a close eye on that part of the river when building starts for any signs of deterioration in that habitat as i know that said salmon and not to forget Seatrout use these lower stretches to hold up awaiting the rise in water levels to aid their accent of the river which at times can be for quite some time ,i may be wrong but i am not taking the chance and as i said i will be keeping a close eye on it ,and so on to the river again and whats happening, their seems to be a good run of small to medium sized Seatrout running at the moment with regular fish of around the pound mark being caught regularly and some of 3lb plus also in unmentioned areas and all these fish or well at least most of them are being caught on worm ledgered with a running ball weight which does work well on most parts of the river ,but if you ask me whats the best way to catch these Seatrout and their is really only one firm answer and that's with a fly rod as their is nothing quite like the take on a fly and if you have the nerve to do a bit of night fishing then you might just get a real trophy as Ive seen fish easily into double figures jumping after dark in some of the deeper pools the kelvin has, and these fish if caught will be a fish you will always remember and a true prize for the kelvin .Good flies for Seatrout on the kelvin are bloody butchers sizes 12 up to an 8 at night time and then their is other flies like the squirrel and blue which is just deadly in sizes 12 / 10 /8 mostly i fish these at the back end of a run and right through the run on a slow retrieve through the slacker water at the edges of the run were fish tend to lie and their are a few others that are good patterns to use like the Zulu which I've tried in different variation and had good results and their is also the wake flies of which i like deer hair flies that skate or fish just in the surface film and if fished with short and long sharp pulls which cause disturbance can often produce big takes and these fly can often be used at night to help locate fish as often the fish will miss these flies but leave their were abouts known to the angler in which time can be taken to chose another fly and set ones self for the fight already knowing the fish is in a taking mood so good luck folks and remember the fisherman that puts in the time and effort are usually the one who are rewarded with the special catches.

Monday, 21 July 2008

working with the team

well the last couple of times I've been at the Ive i have been trying out new flys I've tied and also trying my hand at using teams of 3 with a bead head on the point and a nymph or grub on middle dropper and a spider pattern on the top dropper which has had its moments and has brought 7 trout to the net over the past few visits although the biggest was around a pound which was a really lovely fish which was a lovely golden colour with large black and red spots a typical river kelvin trout .
their is also a steady growth in the numbers of people on the banks of the river with the up and coming salmon runs which from what I've been hearing I'm hopeful will be a big one with larger fish than last year as one or two in the 30lb mark have already been seen clearing the lower falls but at the moment their is plenty of good sized sea trout to be had and for me they are the best of the two so I'm going to try to get myself on the river more over the next few weeks to see if i can beat my last years record of 12 salmon to the net and also around 14 sea trout with the biggest salmon being around12lb and the biggest sea trout being around 3lb so as you can see the kelvin is a real up and coming river which deserves the help it needs to return to its former glory as both a great salmon and sea trout river, so all anglers that fish the kelvin it is up to us to keep the river as good as we can and to report any suspicious happenings on the river as their has been signs of nets found on the river last year and i am not going to point the finger here but most of us will know who is doing this.
i will probably be back on the river on Wednesday at around mid afternoon and if anyone would like to meet up for a good search of the river with the fly then i would be glad to meet them at the falls at the back of Yorkhill at around 3 o'clock .