Thursday, 14 August 2008

At last ive got one

well today i managed to get myself a nice grilse of around6lb which made a good account of himself in the fast water in which he used every little bit to aid his chances at a release ,but after about 7 minutes he was ready and was netted by another angler who was also fishing the same stretch and who had just landed another grilse of around 3lb ,both fish were bars of silver and when first looked at didn't seem to have any lice but on closer examination at home i noticed they were their .the water was running relatively clear and i started off with the fly i was fishing a cascade size 8 double on an intermediate line with a 10 ft leader which i fished through the run for around half an hour when David a new friend on the river showed up with both fly and spinning rod in hand and proceeded to set up his 10 ft fly rod and after watching someone else get a fish on a flying c i said " i wished i had brought my spinning gear as well to which he replied you can use mine and no longer had i set up and on my 3rd cast was into said fish ,and if looks could kill id be dead as a door nail "kidding2 David being the person he seems to be was very happy for me and shook my hand and congratulated me on my first of the season which was caught on a flying c black with red head and gold spinner of which I'm going to be buying tomorrow for when the water is like it was today ,so all that is left to be said is thank you David for the kind loan of your fine fishing tackle and lure it made my day and one day ill make it up to you ,and now I'm sure that the boggie is broke ill be getting some more fish in soon ,but my intention is to release as many salmon as i can after today as I'm really getting in touch with my target and am now seeing them for what they are and that is beautiful living creatures what need every help they can get to survive,until next time tight lines and get on the river you wont catch if you ain't their