Friday, 17 April 2009

low water on both rivers

The river is very low at the moment folks and if practicing catch and release then you have to be extremely careful as I've been reading over the last year or so that catch and release survival rates go down during periods of high temperatures or low water levels when their is lowered oxygen levels in the river,so i am going to take this into consideration this year and for the years to come as i am trying to adopt the proper respect that the fish deserve from anglers.
i was up at the white cart at Pollock house and again the water was also very low with very little sign of movement at all,although it was an extremely nice day and their were plenty of people about due to the holiday period.
i also noticed just how much the river cart had cleaned up due to the lowered water which allowed you to see the bottom along most of the river and it was spotless and looking very health with plenty of life going on among the river plant life and gravel.
i did see a couple of guys fishing the maggot and they said they had a couple of fish early morning but nothing as soon as full light came upon the river ,yet again the low water playing a part in it.

I am going to give the cart another go when the river level has risen as I've been hearing of a few nice fish being caught from the river of late and that's all along its length ,also i was told of Glasgow university putting trout into the river ,and this i was told by a Senior citizen who had seen this himself around the Pollock park area, but he did add it was mainly smaller fish, probably rared over the winter in tanks and returned to the river as said.

i just cant wait to get back on the Kelvin as I've been missing my daily outing badly and I'm regularly hoping for the rain to come as it will bring the fish some much needed freshness and also bring a good chance of a few salmon into the system ,which would be nice folks ,so lets hope we get some rain over the next few days .

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

A great day and not a fish to show for it

well today i had one of the best session's I've had at the back of the transport museum for a long time with some top of the water action, which was coming on and off with the sporadic hatches which at times were really quite good and brought allot of hungry trout to the top of the water to feed.
i set up first of all before any hatch began with a 2 fly set up ,which was a gold head phesant tail on the point and a hares ear on the dropper ,and with this set up i fished for around an half hour before noticing the hatch coming on and fish starting to come up in the water.
i quickly changed over to a klinkhammer pattern which i tied up a few days ago which is as goes.

Hook - size 16
body - light olive rabbit dubbing
rib - fine gold wire
wingpost - white antron
thorax - dark olive rabbit dubbing

this was bringing everything to it ,i was the one missing the fish and at times i was convinced something had to be wrong with the hook or something ,but i was wrong ,nothing wrong ,the only thing that was lacking was my ability to catch the little fly busting trout which a few i did connect with but duly lost as quick as i had felt them ,but dam what a great day it was just exciting and captivating ,and if i could have a day like that every few days on the river i would be ecstatic even if it meant no fish to show for it .
the moral of the story ,just remember when you are out on the river that its not just about catching fish ,i love to watch the trout behaviour and their habits when feeding which has often helped me to catch trout in the past ,just a great day all round .
also i seen a few others on the river who were new to me but say 'ed they had fished other parts of the river and it just goes to show not enough of us fish enough of the river and if we did we would soon realise just how many great spots and pools their is on this brilliant river.
go on get out their and fish and remember you only catch when your line is in the water .

Getting about

Well yesterday was a great day,, as i was out with my brother and his wife and mine ,although the day started off with me out myself to go fishing on the Kelvin ,,it would end at Harelaw Trout fishery! ,which is one of the most impressive looking fisheries i have seen in a long time ,it just had that feeling about it, and the welcome was great to from a very nice gentleman named Alex Carney.
Anyway back to the start of the day which was to start at the sea pool were i ended not fishing at all due to over crowding and mostly water levels as they were very low, and still people were trying out their spinning gear!!! ,hmmmm just gonna lose it i was thinking.
and just before reaching the water i heard the horn of a car ,it was my bro and his wife who were on their way to have a barbecue at the river ,which i did say was not really a good thing to do ,but i wasn't going to try to spoil their day as they never really get out much together ,so we decide to go to the bank area at the back of the art gallery's were i tackled up with my 8 half ft with just a single nymph pattern ,,as i thought fish would be spooky with the low clear water and i was right ,i had a few pulls but nothing aggressive or definite and fished on for another hour or so until my brothers wife convinced my wife to get the kids watched and to come along ,which she did .
We then decided to try the Barrhead dams for a while as its a very nice place to go with someone, and also a chance of a few fish if your really lucky, as it was emptied a while back and will take a while for it to recover well ,but still look like a great place to fish ,so i tried out the pike fly rod and fished using an intermediate line for an hour and didn't have any touches ,just as well really was being a bit irresponsible!!, as i didn't have any traces ,which i discovered when 9i got their and so used 50lb line i had at the bottom of my bag.

then it was on to Harelaw for a look ,,,and i must tell you we passed many places to fish on our way ,and this did get the juices flowing ,but i didn't have the cash to go fishing anywhere but was glad i payed a visit to Harelaw ,as i got to meet a guy from the forum at fish and fly who is Alex Carney who is a very nice guy by the way he welcomed us and helped us understand the water in which he runs and also a few wee secrets to add to my little invisible book which i keep in my head ,so their!!!!,.
anyway Harelaw looks a great place to fish if a little bit big looking for me ,but Ive been reassured that its not that big when you find the fish as their are many shallow bays which seem to hold lots of the fish and me and my brother will be up their at the first opportunity to give it a try,which i cant wait for as I've been hearing so much about improvements and fish quality especially the wild brown which go like trains as do his rainbows too so as soon as the pocket is jingling i will be their thrashing away.

Comments needed

hi again their folks,, i know this blog is set up for people to read as they see fit and to comment on if they wish,but i am asking if people who view the blog if they could take a wee second to post a few comments on material and any suggestions to make the blog any better ,as i really want it to be valued and be interesting for all who may come over it while surfing the net.

I feel more comments will attract more people ,,and thus more attention!! ,which in turn will also get more people involved on the river kelvin as a topic of discussion and debate, and this will attract more to log on to the forum at http://riverkelvinfishing.co.uk/forum/ which is taking its time to get new members!, but is still a very important part of my blog and development on the river as it encourages discussion and thus more members to come to the river paying their well earned monies to the rivers growing fund, which will allow for further development in areas that are just starting to be looked at now on the river due to board room changes,.
These changes have been a great move for the whole rivers future,, with signs put up within the first few weeks ,and a hoard of new bailiffs on the system daily, which is needed especially for when their are good runs of salmon, as this seems to be a trouble time on the river as far as poaching is concerned .
i will state again that i would be very grateful if people took the time to add their bit in the comments section and if appropriate joined the forum for discussion on matters involving the river and its wildlife as trout are not the only commodity on the kelvin .

I look forward to hearing from you guy and girls too of course.