Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Getting about

Well yesterday was a great day,, as i was out with my brother and his wife and mine ,although the day started off with me out myself to go fishing on the Kelvin ,,it would end at Harelaw Trout fishery! ,which is one of the most impressive looking fisheries i have seen in a long time ,it just had that feeling about it, and the welcome was great to from a very nice gentleman named Alex Carney.
Anyway back to the start of the day which was to start at the sea pool were i ended not fishing at all due to over crowding and mostly water levels as they were very low, and still people were trying out their spinning gear!!! ,hmmmm just gonna lose it i was thinking.
and just before reaching the water i heard the horn of a car ,it was my bro and his wife who were on their way to have a barbecue at the river ,which i did say was not really a good thing to do ,but i wasn't going to try to spoil their day as they never really get out much together ,so we decide to go to the bank area at the back of the art gallery's were i tackled up with my 8 half ft with just a single nymph pattern ,,as i thought fish would be spooky with the low clear water and i was right ,i had a few pulls but nothing aggressive or definite and fished on for another hour or so until my brothers wife convinced my wife to get the kids watched and to come along ,which she did .
We then decided to try the Barrhead dams for a while as its a very nice place to go with someone, and also a chance of a few fish if your really lucky, as it was emptied a while back and will take a while for it to recover well ,but still look like a great place to fish ,so i tried out the pike fly rod and fished using an intermediate line for an hour and didn't have any touches ,just as well really was being a bit irresponsible!!, as i didn't have any traces ,which i discovered when 9i got their and so used 50lb line i had at the bottom of my bag.

then it was on to Harelaw for a look ,,,and i must tell you we passed many places to fish on our way ,and this did get the juices flowing ,but i didn't have the cash to go fishing anywhere but was glad i payed a visit to Harelaw ,as i got to meet a guy from the forum at fish and fly who is Alex Carney who is a very nice guy by the way he welcomed us and helped us understand the water in which he runs and also a few wee secrets to add to my little invisible book which i keep in my head ,so their!!!!,.
anyway Harelaw looks a great place to fish if a little bit big looking for me ,but Ive been reassured that its not that big when you find the fish as their are many shallow bays which seem to hold lots of the fish and me and my brother will be up their at the first opportunity to give it a try,which i cant wait for as I've been hearing so much about improvements and fish quality especially the wild brown which go like trains as do his rainbows too so as soon as the pocket is jingling i will be their thrashing away.

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