Tuesday, 14 April 2009

A great day and not a fish to show for it

well today i had one of the best session's I've had at the back of the transport museum for a long time with some top of the water action, which was coming on and off with the sporadic hatches which at times were really quite good and brought allot of hungry trout to the top of the water to feed.
i set up first of all before any hatch began with a 2 fly set up ,which was a gold head phesant tail on the point and a hares ear on the dropper ,and with this set up i fished for around an half hour before noticing the hatch coming on and fish starting to come up in the water.
i quickly changed over to a klinkhammer pattern which i tied up a few days ago which is as goes.

Hook - size 16
body - light olive rabbit dubbing
rib - fine gold wire
wingpost - white antron
thorax - dark olive rabbit dubbing

this was bringing everything to it ,i was the one missing the fish and at times i was convinced something had to be wrong with the hook or something ,but i was wrong ,nothing wrong ,the only thing that was lacking was my ability to catch the little fly busting trout which a few i did connect with but duly lost as quick as i had felt them ,but dam what a great day it was just exciting and captivating ,and if i could have a day like that every few days on the river i would be ecstatic even if it meant no fish to show for it .
the moral of the story ,just remember when you are out on the river that its not just about catching fish ,i love to watch the trout behaviour and their habits when feeding which has often helped me to catch trout in the past ,just a great day all round .
also i seen a few others on the river who were new to me but say 'ed they had fished other parts of the river and it just goes to show not enough of us fish enough of the river and if we did we would soon realise just how many great spots and pools their is on this brilliant river.
go on get out their and fish and remember you only catch when your line is in the water .

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