Tuesday, 29 July 2008

waiting for tourists

Hello ,well i was at the river today just after the torrential downpour which was like something from a Taiwan news report on the monsoon with small streams appearing in the street and people running for cover in every direction luckily i was on the bus for the worst of it which i was very glad of ,so after getting of the bus at kelvinhall i proceeded to walk down to the river along past the transport museum were i noticed a nice fish in the shallows which with a flick of its tail was gone under a tree on the far bank ,thinking the river will be on the rise very soon i made my Way to the falls at the old mill at yorkhill were i met a couple of kids fishing and a guy who was fishing under the bridge with the worm ,i ask if he had seen any sign of the grilse but their had been no sign of them so i made quick stuff of getting my gear set up and was soon fishing and almost straight away i had what looked more like a line bite with that sharp pull and release which i had a lot of last season. I stayed for another hour but soon noticed the river was rising fast and was becoming dangerous so i made my way from the falls and spent some time watching the falls for any sign of fish moving in with the rising water which i only seen one crashing across a section of water which was around 2 ft deep ,so I'm thinking that it might be worth a try tomorrow to see if any fish came into the river during the night time tide which is meant to be a high tide ,so i think i will take my camera and try to get some good pics of any fish i manage to see jumping the falls, so until then take care folk and good luck with the fishing..

Sunday, 27 July 2008

my first go at a step by step

Paraloop Emerger

by D.Graham.

First wind thread down half way around bend of hook and then return to
around the half way mark in open turns .

next catch in some fine copper wire on top of the hook shank.

wind thread over wire to half way around bend of hook catching in copper wire.

now apply dubbing around thread with the pinch and twist method.

take the dubbing about two thirds the way up the hook in even turns trying
to keep the body slim.

now wind copper wire in open turns over the dubbing to aid strength and durability
whilst catching in some 2 or 4lb mono which i don't find any need to be in a loop.

now take a relative sized cock hackle and tie in at base of mono.

add pinch of dubbing and create a thorax to match fly.

wind hackle around mono which for ease should be held in a gallows tool which will make this process easier to master.

now take fiber and stroke towards the bend of the hook and pull mono forward
and tie down and finish with a whip finish and trim any stray hackle fibers
that point downward or effect the eye of the hook.

well that's my fist step by step which I'm hoping i will be showing much more of when i have a better set up for lighting picture ect! until then bye for now.