Thursday, 16 October 2008

older fishermen know their stuff


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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

in search of Grayling

Well guys i hate to say it but those winter nights are drawing near and their is less and less time in the day for us to get our fix ,i can only hope that my expedition into Grayling fishing takes off and i find a new soul partner for the winter months as last year was so slow waiting for march to come around and OK i know i could go and try my hand at puddle bashing but I've tried it and its just not got the same excitement and it doesn't fill me with a wanting need to do it every day like being on the rivers wading in the running water amongst the wild life finding new places to fish every time you get out ,so this winter its Grayling on the Gryffe and the Clyde and this should be a whole new learning loop for me as I've never pursued Grayling before as I've never really had the bug bad enough but by god now its bad real bad and its getting worse every year, but i would rather fish my days away than be doing things i was years ago ,anyway enough about that as that's the past and i have now got the best sport in the world to keep my happy.i will be checking out prices and venues over the next couple of weeks and also I'm going to have to find what bus goes were as I've no transport so that's a big problem but one I'm willing to deal with in my quest for my first Grayling,so until I've been out again its by for now and keep fishing even if your fingers start to go numb and the best of luck to all you over the winter months....