Monday, 22 March 2010

A slow start

Winter was very long this year and very, very cold with temperatures falling well below freezing for weeks on end and rivers and still waters were well iced up and would have caused its own problems for the fish and invertebrates in the system.

I have been on the river twice since the start of the season and have fished nymphs and wet fly both upstream and down and across to no real avail as I've only had a couple of small fish to show for it.
I expect the river is going to take into late April to really pick up and start showing daily sport using the correct method , take the duo method , it works very well on the river when their seems to be nothing happening as the fish often see the klink in the surface and come up to investigate when the come across the nymph / spider or whatever flee you have chosen to be your klinks partner and is often the imitation that the fish will take so the klink is often a sight indicator most of the time , but be ready for them coming up fast and hammering that klink too as it happens .

i love everything about the river Kelvin , the fact it runs through the heart of the city of Glasgow and has some great days sport in the right conditions for both the trout and salmon angler,, i have had numerous trout over a pound from the river and to many to name of the quarter pound mark ,,, and as for Parr the system is teaming with them and every run has to be fished through the Parr before you get at the trout , this is what I've found anyway over the past year or two as i see the trout numbers falling and the salmon numbers rising which is great news , but for me the brown trout are as important ,,,and i know as i hear it all the time " Kill those brownies as they eat all the salmon eggs and disturb Redd's ,, but trout are as important to the system and angler who prefers the use of the fly as its the trout that give the main flow of sport through out the season.

i intend to give a more in depth report of what is happening on the river this year as well as Harelaw which i will be fishing whenever i can ,,and i cant wait to get up their as Alec has stated that he is going to take me out on the water on the boat to show me his new tricks for fish on the Pollock shores ,and i cant wait .