Monday, 27 April 2009

a nice addition

over the past few week s all that i seemed to catch from the kelvin was ,smolt and loads of them.
today was a nice change as last night their was a little rain and although it didn't make a great difference to water height it did give the river some fresh water washing through it which i think was the reason for the trout being mare active , which resulted in me managing a couple of nice little browns from one or two of my favourite spots ,and this was a nice change as i was beginning to think the river was being taken over with salmon Smolt.
the fish i managed to catch today were both caught on dry fly and yet again the colour was olive and the pattern a Klinkhammer ,
here is a pic of one of the fish.

i also spent some time taking pictures ,which i have been doing any time I've been at the river and the fish have gone off for a while.
here are some of them also.

Glasgow's coat of arm's

the river is still very low and the action is slow at times ,so that's why i have not been adding to the blog that much ,but i hope the rain is on its way and this should bring big changes to the river system ,in the way of some fresh run salmon and sea trout and guess what i just cant wait.