Friday, 17 April 2009

low water on both rivers

The river is very low at the moment folks and if practicing catch and release then you have to be extremely careful as I've been reading over the last year or so that catch and release survival rates go down during periods of high temperatures or low water levels when their is lowered oxygen levels in the river,so i am going to take this into consideration this year and for the years to come as i am trying to adopt the proper respect that the fish deserve from anglers.
i was up at the white cart at Pollock house and again the water was also very low with very little sign of movement at all,although it was an extremely nice day and their were plenty of people about due to the holiday period.
i also noticed just how much the river cart had cleaned up due to the lowered water which allowed you to see the bottom along most of the river and it was spotless and looking very health with plenty of life going on among the river plant life and gravel.
i did see a couple of guys fishing the maggot and they said they had a couple of fish early morning but nothing as soon as full light came upon the river ,yet again the low water playing a part in it.

I am going to give the cart another go when the river level has risen as I've been hearing of a few nice fish being caught from the river of late and that's all along its length ,also i was told of Glasgow university putting trout into the river ,and this i was told by a Senior citizen who had seen this himself around the Pollock park area, but he did add it was mainly smaller fish, probably rared over the winter in tanks and returned to the river as said.

i just cant wait to get back on the Kelvin as I've been missing my daily outing badly and I'm regularly hoping for the rain to come as it will bring the fish some much needed freshness and also bring a good chance of a few salmon into the system ,which would be nice folks ,so lets hope we get some rain over the next few days .

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