Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Comments needed

hi again their folks,, i know this blog is set up for people to read as they see fit and to comment on if they wish,but i am asking if people who view the blog if they could take a wee second to post a few comments on material and any suggestions to make the blog any better ,as i really want it to be valued and be interesting for all who may come over it while surfing the net.

I feel more comments will attract more people ,,and thus more attention!! ,which in turn will also get more people involved on the river kelvin as a topic of discussion and debate, and this will attract more to log on to the forum at http://riverkelvinfishing.co.uk/forum/ which is taking its time to get new members!, but is still a very important part of my blog and development on the river as it encourages discussion and thus more members to come to the river paying their well earned monies to the rivers growing fund, which will allow for further development in areas that are just starting to be looked at now on the river due to board room changes,.
These changes have been a great move for the whole rivers future,, with signs put up within the first few weeks ,and a hoard of new bailiffs on the system daily, which is needed especially for when their are good runs of salmon, as this seems to be a trouble time on the river as far as poaching is concerned .
i will state again that i would be very grateful if people took the time to add their bit in the comments section and if appropriate joined the forum for discussion on matters involving the river and its wildlife as trout are not the only commodity on the kelvin .

I look forward to hearing from you guy and girls too of course.

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urbanflyman said...

hope any you guys that are reading my blog have the time to add a comment or join the forum at www.riverkelvinfishing.co.uk