Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Rotten day at the vet school

Well made my way up to the vet school today and met willie the bailiff who was telling me he has caught allot of people on the river without a permit ,but hat off to him for pursuing these people and removing them from the river as it a disgrace when you think of the very low price of a permit for the river.
i also asked about the others that were taking the bailiff places and he said their were others but he didn't seem to happy about doing the bottom end at the sea pool etc! as i think he had a little bother their the other day which i can imagine was a little heated ,but good luck to yourself wullie and the rest of the bailiffs on the water and keep up the good work we are all behind you just remember that.
anyway back to the trip today ,i did take my double hander with me and a 7 and a half foot shakie rod which belongs to my son ,but didn't get around to using as no later had i left the house and it started to spit ,which i thought would not come to anything, silly me!!!!! it teamed down and after only 20 minutes in the water throwing a very stiff 9 weight line i decided to give up and make my way home as the water was just about freezing temp and their was just no sign of life anywhere.

I took this pic while i was leaving the vet school.

I am looking forward to a little bit of more settled weather and i will be on the river as much as i can and will pass on any thing i find is working for me or others on the river .

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