Sunday, 22 March 2009

Looking forward to tomorow

Well i was up at the science park on Saturday with my 2 boys in the hope that i would be able to have the space the help encourage my boys to practice their fly casting which i soon realised was not going to happen due to the rather large numbers of fly fisherman in the immediate area, its great to see although it did resemble an English chalk stream packed to the gunnel's with an angler every 30 yards or so and not a fish in site,which was a little of putting .
i did manage to get a few casts myself and touched nothing during the 15 minutes i spent on the stretch before i decided to head for the open grass lawn and to the task of showing the boys the mechanical steps needed to throw out a line which my oldest understands quite well and my youngest seems to still be using all he knows on casting a dead weight from a fixed spool and cant seem to let go of it ,but he will pick it up too I'm sure .
i love watching the boys getting that line out and straight the look on their face is everything as their proud of themselves and they also know that you are thrilled too,i feel my oldest is more into pleasing me with his progress than what he really wants ,this is an issue i will need to talk over as i would not want him out their if he isn't enjoying the process and the task at hand , but that will be on another day when I'm on my own with him i think.
i will be up at the science park from around 12 o'clock tomorrow and i think i will take my 8 half ft 4-5 weight and also my double handed salmon rod ,12.9ft scierra sweep, which i have been trying my best to get to grips with, and I'm doing OK, but feel i could do with a few pointers ,,so the stretch up at the science park is quite wide ,and will give me the opportunity to try new things ,,so anyone going up i will see you their OK.

Also a wee poem for the guys who lost their lives on loch Awe.

The days were long and the nights some of the best
with your rods in hand you did make your rest
and now that the your line is forever on the water
and your day always to bring the perfect wave
and with eyes cast apon the shore
im sure you will be with your families once more
so throw that line the way you always wished
and may those fish forever be on the take
and with lines tight and fins braking the wave
i wish you all a peacefull sleep
and from your fellow anglers in thought so deep
we say goodnight.
Rest our fellow men.


troutbirder said...

good luck with the boys and on the stream

urbanflyman said...

thanks for the comment and hope your season goes well.