Thursday, 2 April 2009

A brighter day for the Kelvin

Today was the first real day that change seemed to be coming to the river.
i and others attended which was to be a P.R day for the river and also a show of strength in that permits were needed on all parts of the river .
i feel this has been long over due and to see the signs going up is a real inspiration to myself and others who are passionate about the river and its future.
i spoke to a new friend of mine ,,well i now consider him a friend ,you may feel otherwise Alistair ,,lol,, about a few matters on the kelvin which will be at the fore front of the task list over the next few months as well as would you guess ,,my blog ,which i feel he gave me some really good advice about which way i could take it in the near future ,and this i am considering very much,again thanks Alistair.

Alistair giving the police a wide berth.

their were a few bailiffs including the head bailiff Davie Scobbie ,,and a few others who's names i am still unsure of, but will make a point of finding out for the sake of the blog.
Davie seems a very motivated man ,and knows exactly what he wants to see done on the river ,,from tackling the poaching problem, to caring for the river environment and all the animals that inhabit it , which their are surprisingly a diverse amount from trout to kingfishers and even the word of an otter which is just fantastic i think to name a few.

Davie Scobbie Head Bailiff

i also spoke to the Secretary and he is another guy on a mission as far as development of the river goes ,so all in all things are certainly looking up ,,and I'm sure if things keep going the way they are our river will continue to improve each year ,,which will mean better fishing for us all ,from trout all the way to salmon ,,and all for £20.00 quid for the employed ,and £10.00 for unemployed ,so we have it good and its up to us all to keep it this way and to help it improve.

i would personally like to give my appreciation to all the board members for taking on a very difficult job and doing their best to make the river a better place for me and the other members to fish ,so keep up the good work lads you are doing us all proud ..

Thank you .


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