Friday, 3 April 2009

contemplating a change

After speaking to my friend and fellow angler Alistair ,who runs the official River Kelvin site (http://fishkelvin.com/) And his own outstanding personal blog ( http://urbanflyfisher.com/ ) which is so full of top quality material , and deserves the large following it has.

A Picture of the Vet school run yesterday..

I spoke to Alistair regarding my own blog ,,and also my new forum for 2009 ,which covers all types of fishing on the river ,and all types of methods in which to fish,but after some discussion and which sounded good advice from Alistair, about where my blog and forum were going,, and what would help to improve them , Alistair came up with the following idea's .

Macro Photography

First of all Alistair already has over a hundred ,it may in fact be allot more than that for his forum ,which is concerning the river and fishing it, but what he pointed out was really very plain that i should have thought about it myself before now ,as Alistair says he is a devoted trout fisherman, and has no lust or passion to go fishing for what he called belligerent salmon!! who don't even feed while in the river ,and that i have caught and know so much more about their habits and positions in the river while they ascend it to spawn , thus bringing to the discussion the idea that as Alistair is already established on the net as the number one river Kelvin site ..,which as he says in mainly dedicated to trout fishing .

A Lovely April Daffodil taken using Macro Photography

this is where we discussed the possibility of changing my new forum over to a forum dedicated to migratory fish in the river Kelvin which all made sense as he could send people looking for tips or advice on salmon and sea trout on the river over to my forum and anyone asking about trout fishing on the river i will pass on to him .,thus giving me a better chance of succeeding with my forum and also a dedicated place for members of the river to use as a source of information
I love this pic it screams April to me ,, with the robin who i never seem to see after the beginning of April and the opening tree buds to celebrate the coming of summer

I would be very grateful to here peoples views on this matter ,to weather they think this would be a good or bad decision for me my blog and the forum no matter how much it is struggling to attain members at the moment ,as i do believe it will pick up in the months ahead as people like diversity in their discussion and having 2 forums will give that even more than one.


david said...

I like the idea of changing your speciality to migratory fish in the Kelvin.

It isn't good setting up forums and blogs and finding that few people visit or interact.
This idea will definitely work - it may take a little time, but it WILL work - stick with it.

I'm a Kelvin supporter. Although I live in the English Midlands (shortly tomove to Wales) I was at college in Glasgow in the late 60's and used to walk along the Kelvin from the Botanical Gardens Bridge down most days.

It was pretty much an open sewer then, but the potential was obvious.

Its great that you guys are working, improving and enjoying the river.

Keep it up - your blog is excellent BTW!



Davidh on flyfishing forum

urbanflyman said...

thankyou very much for your kind comments ,its comments like that , that keeps people going with their blog Etc!!