Tuesday, 3 May 2011

the river is running dry

well i have been down a few times this week and found the river to be in much need of rain of which i don't see happening in the near future ,,but who knows maybe the fishing gods will smile on us and give us some.
the river is slowly starting to get a thick covering of blanket weed along its shallower sections and this makes wading treacherous indeed as i found out today while having a look through a few of the runs i fish when the river is a little higher ,,,i like to do this when the river is running low so as i can see what the river bad is like in certain areas i fish , so i have a better knowledge of how to fish each section as i come to it on my fishing days out.
i love it when the river gets that new flush of water into it as it brings everything back onto feed as the water drops of and in the kelvin depending on how much rain you get the river can drop of very quick over a few hours .

i also here their are plans for another kelvin grove party this weekend ,,,great !!!! i hope the authorities put something in place to stop this as its not been kind to that section of the river as when i walked along it today i noticed the amount of bottles and plastic bags in the river were at a very disturbing level and only wish i had more time and people to do something about it.

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