Friday, 6 May 2011

rain is here at last

well fellow anglers all over the central belt , the rains have finally come and will offer much needed refreshment to many rivers and still-waters bringing fish on the feed and even the possibility of a few fresh run salmon too which would be great to see ,and would have me at the g.a.c stocking up on my spinning gear which for the moment is non existent as i gave all mine to my bro last season and well lets just say he is my bro and thats that.

the rain is going to be so welcome and i expect to see the river full of anglers chasing that first salmon of the season ,but me i will still be chasing trout as thats what i set out to do more of this season at least until the back end when the bigger runs come in then i go silver skinned too and act like a man possessed charging up and down the river searching pool after pool for fresh salmon,and lets hope this season i get to get on the numbers quick as i could not bare another season without a silver tourist as last season was quite enough.

i am going to get the camera active again too as its always better to see what Ive been doing by means of a few pics to and it also allows people a chance to see the different runs i am fishing when I'm out on the kelvin , so need to get the battery charger out and get all the battery's charged for the next outing in the hope that i can get one or two of the bigger trout in the kelvin and let you guys see whats really in their.

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