Wednesday, 30 December 2009

these cold mornings

well with the temperature being below freezing for over 2 weeks now ,surly the Grayling fishing has got under way for those lucky and brave enough to frequent waters that grace such wonderful creations on nature ,as the Grayling for me must be the most stunning fish when in full show ,with males having that sail like dorsal fin which gives it its great fighting strength as it uses it to great effect as many have told me.

these wonderful Lady's of the stream have eluded me for some time and i know i could travel further and ,,,well fish rivers that truly hold shoals of good sized Grayling as fishing my local river cart is just not bringing in the numbers or fish one would want from a good days Grayling fishing ,and if I'm honest its just not producing at all this year ,although while going to Morrison's a few days before Christmas ,i did see what I'm almost positive was a shoal of Grayling which i would say were in the 3 quarter to the pound mark which for me would have been a great day out if i had happened too take my fly rod along, which I'm sure u will have gathered i did not.

The cold winter months are a real struggle for me as I'm not a great one for the cold mornings and prefer the heat of the indoors leaving more fishing room to the braver men that are out on the rivers looking for that lady of a lifetime , and in Scotland their are a few rivers with big Grayling in them as well as good trout fishing ,the Tievot being one of these named river in which i seen and read of fish in the 3lb range ,and that's just a dream to me and i suppose to any other Grayling fisherman ,.

The end of December is now at close range and I'm contemplating some pike fishing on loch Lomond were I've been hearing of good sized fish coming to articulated fish lures and fly's fished slow and deep which is pretty straight forward tactics i though ,but no I've been hearing of big girlie pike chasing lured and tail walking in these very cold days , so am i a Jessy ,well I'm beginning to think so,,,do i take a few brave pills and brave the cold and give this most uncomfortable time of year for me the real chance it deserves ,as their is always that niggle in the back of my mind saying if you were out you would be catching,,,and then the one for sure real statement if your not out your never going to catch ,and what would i catch ,,,a fish of a life time ,well who knows ,,,I'm hoping that for the effort ill get rewarded with even the odd fish ,as I'm a fisherman ,i don't need to be catching fish ,,,,but by god don't it help when you are catching ,as the confidence goes up and the body warm too , so I've now decided I'm going to give this cold weather the little bit of courage I've found and try my hand at the pike in the canal and the loch which for me i think i will leave until mid February as I'm just not that brave.

good luck to all you guys out their in the cold looking for that fish of a lifetime ,, i wish you all the best of luck ,,you certainly deserve it..

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