Monday, 19 October 2009

trout season at an end

well guy's n girls , the trout season is now at an end and for many it will mean a very long wait for the new 2010 season to start, as for me i do miss the river fishing although I'm sure their are some nice grayling to be had in a few rivers around me and that's one of my plans for the winter season .
I also enjoy the time the close season gives me to better my tying ability and this winter i will be trying to build up my still water collection ,of which I'm very interested in the tying of traditional patterns ,as I've seen these work very well on the place i intend to fish next season , which I'm sure people would agree with as its got to be the best in the west (HARELAW) run by a great guy Alex Carney who i can say is the most helpful owner of a fishery I've ever met ,so if any u guys are thinking of trying out still water fishing , then don't go to one of these puddles dug into the ground , as you will be much more rewarded by going to a place such as harelaw ,and this choice will also give you a good guide into what you should be looking for at a quality fishery.

i will be doing my best to get any patterns i tie up on the blog for you all to see and with that i would be grateful of any comments , be they constructive or not .

so until my next post which im going to be doing allot more of , take care and good fishing to you all.

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