Monday, 11 May 2009

new forum and virtual shop

as people will probably know I've got a forum attached to my blog which is mainly on the river kelvin and its fishing methods, well now on my forum due to the great work my brother has put in i have a new and until now as far as i can see untried ,virtual shop ,were members collect points for posts, topics etc!! and also a chance of winning a weekly lottery which all adds fun to the forum.
anyway in the shop ,one can buy himself, herself a new sage, hardy , etc!! rod or reel for a certain amount of points which one has gathered ,and also their is a virtual pond also in the making which would involve having virtual fisheries and virtual fish which can be caught for a said amount of points .
i hope these ideas help to bring in a few new members and push the numbers up a little so as their is a more in depth conversation on the aspects of fishing the fly and other methods on the kelvin and other rivers in and around the Glasgow area.
well i will just have to wait and see what comes of all this over the next few weeks.

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