Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Harelaw Magic

Well after being set on a weekend at Loch Awe ,and only then to be left with a bout of sickness to show for it ,i was not amused!!, and so spent most of Saturday morning recovering from my hell!!!.

i then decided along with my older brother that we should go try out Harelaw fishery ,which had been getting a good write up of late ,and it was also somewhere that we had visited on passing one day to see a few lovely fish being caught just yards from the bank.

Harelaw is to some a rather large fishery ,but with an average depth of around 6-7 ft then their are fish to be found in all areas of the dam ,and bank fishing is said to be excellent to say the least ,so on arrival it was around 4pm ,and the sun was still high in the sky, and no cloud cover was to be seen through out the day period,which did mean allot of fruitless fishing from the dam wall ,which was the only place we happened to see anything being caught at all,,but their were fish being taken from boats that were enjoying fish on blobs and buzzers.

I had to wait till later on at around 8.30 !,when the owner "Alex Carney" was very polite to offer me an outing on the water on one of his very good boats,and what a time we had ,as after the first drift to the Pollock shore, Alex was into a fish and i watched in amazement at the fight that ensued, as the fish made run after run ,and then i also changed my point fly to a Bobbie on an intermediate line,, and the follows were nothing more that bone shaking!! , as fish produced big bow waves on approach to the fly ,and with a sudden crash they were on ,what came next was the best fish fight i have ever had pound for pound ,,and so i will say it here as I've said in many other places,get yourself along to Harelaw fishery Neilston !!! ,its the best fishery their seems to be around , with big hard fighting bows ,browns ,blues, and tigers , and i cant wait to get back among the action.

I again would like to thank Alex for one of the best if not thee best nights fishing I've had in a long ,long time ,and also i wish him all the best in his venture as he really deserves it with all the effort he is putting in ,and lets hope you catch the buggers that keep breaking into the place as they deserve their fingers removed very, very , slowly mate .

keep up the great work .
thank you...

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