Monday, 3 November 2008

The season at an end

well now that the season is at an end on the kelvin its time to get the thinking cap on and make sure i have my fix for the colder months as I've just got to be fishing, i suppose you guy's ,girl's feel the same so were do we go in and around the Glasgow area, well first of all their is not much to shout about ,but their is places we can go and find some good sport on the right day and in the right place ,where i hear you say ,well of course first of all their is the canal which will be doing OK for perch and pike as they fatten up for winter on fry so i am going to have a good go at it over the next couple of months to see what happens ,as I'm sure i can pull a few out of the canal if i put in the time and effort, and now I'm thinking were else can i go in and around the city as i do like to stay close to home but will venture out of the boundary if need be and some of my best days have been had going on a good old fishing adventure,and one place I've been mentioning over the past few months has been the Gryffe as i hear their is a few good spots for Grayling which i think is fantastic and cant wait to give it a try during the colder months, but need to do my homework to find out were to fish and what flies work best in what conditions and also what baits i can use and when is best so that should keep me busy for a while.
And their is also one other place i must visit over the winter and that is Barrhead dams which I'm a little afraid to go to in case i find it in an even worse condition than i did not so long ago after they empty'd one of the large dams and loads of great fish were lost ,but I'm going to give it a visit anyway to see whats been happening.
As for fisheries I've not heard to many good things about the ones i know of accept Howood and to get their i need transport and then their is Carbeth which I've been hearing allot of bad things about like it being like a hole in the ground over fished and plenty of the local element to drink with and have a fight with too if you want ,but this could all just be hear say who knows ,but one thing is for sure I'm not sitting around all this winter waiting on the trout season to start, i just cant be doing that again ,theirs no excuse is their accept that horrible cold wind and rain as well as the odd blanket of freezing snow ,ahhh the glory of winter its what separates the boys from the men and ill tell you at 36 and an avid fisherman when it comes to the coldest days I'm certainly now one of the boys as i like my warmth but i will do my best to get out asap and feed back with what i find in and around Glasgow, so until then i will try to keep something coming out each week like maybe some step by step tying of some of my favourite flies for you all to see and add some pics of the places i visit to give you an idea of what the places are like I'm visiting around about Glasgow...

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