Tuesday, 10 February 2009

no tickets for the start of the season

well now with the season near! and the rod hand itching,, I'm sorry to hear their are no tickets ready for the start of the season yet again!!! on the kelvin. i wonder when the club committee will ever get things ready in time or is their changes needing made ,although that's not to say the guys that are their just now haven't done a good job over the years . i just feel the kelvin needs new blood in the higher ranks to give renewed hope to the people who think it is all a scam and that we anglers are being hustled out our money ,,but for 15 quid i cant see were that is happening .i do feel better protection systems are needed for the river and most definitely their is need for a true crown bailiff on the water who has real powers to deal with the influx of non members on the river ,,which at times is unbelievable to say the least,, although I'm all for young ones getting into the fishing as i take my 2 boys along from time to time to see if they too will find that love that never fades when you become a true fisherman,,as we all know its brilliant.

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