Friday, 5 September 2008

dissapointment at the end of august

well it is now September and the winter draws near ,it will soon be golds and yellows along the river bank and their will be those days when everything looks just right and for some those days will happen and will bring with it some of the best days fishing their is to be had .
I love every season that comes around and winter holds its own as far as I'm concerned although the trout season finishes it also gives me a new incentive to fish for species that i would not fish for otherwise ,so it is not all doom and gloom and anyway their is still a month left for most of us and for some the season never ends if you fish for rainbows during the winter which can be really good stuff as most of it is lure fishing and the takes are very savage ,so to say that winter is the saddest time for a trout fisherman is sad in itself and any angler who cant get off his backside and find himself somewhere or something to fish for is just afraid of the cold and for me isn't a die hard fisherman ,so all you guys i will see out in the winter months i give you my hand and wish you all the best on your adventures to catch fish at these difficult times.
winter is another reason i took up fly tying as i used to sit around most of the winter twiddling my thumbs and wondering how i could shift time and space to around spring time when the trout fisherman sour face cracks its first smile and those first rays of sun warm our backs ,but i could never work it out so it was what will i do and a great man called Davie Mc phail made me sit up and realise just what an art fly tying was and he made it look so easy ,which i soon learned had took him years to master and master it he certainly has ,you can find David Mc phail on Utube under his name .
Ive been quite disappointed with the fishing towards the end of last month as i thought i may have had a few more fish than have had ,although i can not complain with having 5 salmon to my name with 4 being to the flying c and 1 and my first to the fly and the fly i was using was a cascade ,yellow and orange and it was caught at the back of the art gallery's at the waterfall and was around 6lb and did put up a fight but i must say i was surprised at how easy it came to the bank.
So until I've been fishing again i am all out of words ,well in fact I'm not I'm just tired and need a Kipp so its goodnight fellow anglers and who ever else should cross paths with my perfect pastime.

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