Thursday, 21 August 2008

Pondering if i should go or not

with the river level being very high I'm sitting here pondering if i should take the chance and go try my luck with the tool being my spinning gear and a flying c hmmmm!!! ,is it to high or will their be fresh fish on the take like the other week when the river was high i managg-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_0">ed to bank myself a nice grilse on the flying c which was black with a red head and gold blade ,the real dilemma is that i don't have available transport at hand were i can just step down stairs and climb into the front seat turn the key and foot to the floor or i would already be on my way their now, no its a sad journey in get yer self seen fishing gear that the whole world want to have a good giggle at not that i really mind as I'm going fishing and when I'm going nothing really matters ,but when I've got to get one bus then the other that's when it get to this point of should i or should i not and again hmmmm!!! ,so i go over what i need to take to be able to cover a session using spinning gear and yes i could probably keep it very light with only 5-6 flying c and my rod and reel with my waders and then of course i should take some worms just in case and then it takes over ,I'm talking of the madness that is compulsive tackle worry that you wont have the said stuff to enjoy your outing so i then add worm and hooks and weights and that means two boxes of tackle to be added to my bag and now I'm packed and I've not even made up my mind if I'm going ,of course i am ain't i,am i and then one last look at water levels on the sepa site just in case it has changed ,so i have checked the sepa site i know the river is high and probably unfishable and now i have no more excuses i have to make a decision will i go or not ,,,and then my final decision,,"i might " tell you later if i went or not...well it is now 9.30 pm and guess what i didn't go as i thought it through again and realised that if the rain stays off tonight then tomorrow would be a good day for the flying c and the worm so ill keep the bag loaded and set off as early as permitted too by the misses ,got to be keeping on her side as I'm getting a nice wee 100 quid bonus for gear and don't want to rock the boat as I've got my eye on one or two things id like and what i buy ill let you in on a.s.a.p OK bye for now lads

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