Monday, 4 August 2008

decorating and fishing dont mix

decorating the house at the moment so just when their is a chance of catching myself a nice fresh salmon on the kelvin the wife stands in and demands the wallpapering is done this morning so what do i do ,i tuck my tail bettween my legs and do it dont i or it will be daggers for the rest of the day ,well really its to be done for its our anniversary tommorow and family and freinds are coming so im wearing the ball and chain today ,well at least till ive finished the wall thats left to be done, so all you guys out their that are going to the river this fine day ,have a wee thought for me with pasting brush in hand sweating like mad in the heat of the day hanging wallpaper ,hopefully ill get it finished by this afternoon so i can get a couple of hours fishing done.
if you all want my address you could come along and demand my release or else.....please help me im begging you ,help me please.

see you all soon...........

well managed a couple of hours on the river ,water still coloured and high ,fished the worm to no avail ,but im sure by wedensday the river will be in great shape if the rain stays off ,oh well until then as they say ..

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