Tuesday, 8 July 2008

lost my internet connection

well i lost my connection to the net for a few weeks and I've nor really been doing much fishing with other things that have come up but you guys lucky enough to have enjoyed the new lease of life the rain will have brought id love to know whats been happening as I've not really seen much of the river at all ,was down just after the rain and the water had risen by about a foot and a half and their was plenty of small sea trout getting caught in the lower reaches of the river which always seems to do well for sea trout at this time of year ,but I'm sure that all the rain over the past few days will have all but made the river unfishable so I'm not to gutted at missing out but I'm sitting here thinking i bet those diehards are getting some salmon for their trouble and i have even heard of a 30lb fish being caught up at kirky and returned only to belly up at kelvin bridge a real pity would love to have seen such a fish in the river but it makes for exciting times to come during the fair weekend and the weeks after when we should have some nice runs of salmon so ill try to look forward to this time ahead and hope that the rain gives us a break for a few days to let the silt clear and the river become fishable as I'm really missing the river and its at times like this that you realize the fishing is what you go to the river to do but its the life of the river that i miss it gives me the time to think and also forget if i want so all in all it does it all for me and its this that makes the fishing so attractive.

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