Sunday, 25 May 2008

Itchy Feet

well over the past few weeks the river has slowly been getting lower and lower making the fishing difficult and the fish sluggish which means they are more at risk of ending up in real distress from the fight of being caught by an angler which was pointed out to me by a fellow angler who happens to run one of the best blogs I've ever read called ,oh here's the link http://theriverkelvin.co.uk/
this is a great informal site not only about the kelvin but many other adventures that he and his friend have taken and is just fab to read, any way don't want to give him too much bling as no one will read mine then but that probably doomed to be the case anyway with so many great blogs out their but i see mine as one with a difference as its from the perspective of a true beginner and I'm sure other beginners will want to hear that others are having the same problems and might be able to share some suggestions for correcting these difficulties we share among us ,as this is my main goal is to give the beginners something to read about their local introduce it to outsiders and of course it gives me a sense of worth if people would leave comments be they good or bad as I'm open to all side of the argument and so it goes back to the itchy feet problem I've been having and by that i mean I'm needing to start put out feelers and test other rivers to see what I'm missing as i know by other people s stories I'm missing loads of great sport on many of the other local rivers around the central belt and for me i think i must first of all look up the most local and find out if they are day ticket venues and give them a few days try out this season before buying into a season ticket which i would do no doubt if the fishing was good i also intend to get myself my first pike fly rod which i can use to fish the canal and a few other wee venues in and around Glasgow so I've plenty to keep me going this year if i want all i have to do is get of my desperately increasing butt and do some traveling the problem being i don't have a car so ill need to find the best way to transport from my home to these places i wish to try out which should be quite easy with being connected to the Internet but my real hope is getting my brother to pick up a fly rod again or even if he wants i will let him use one of mine and that is a privilege as I'm very very protective of my gear even if they be top of the range gear or not, their mine and their everything that gives me the little bit of sanity i have with all these kids around,so until i get on the river or we get some much needed rain bye for now and keep fishing ,tight lines..

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